Next thing you know, they’ll start using storks.

Everything is so ‘빨리빨리’ here. No time? Get it delivered! I bet they’d try to get time itself delivered if they could.

I bought a ring, but they had to resize it, so they delivered it to me a couple days later.

I get so many flyers for food delivery on my door. Chicken, pizza, you name it.

Can you imagine if they started delivering McDonald’s?

OH WAIT THEY DO. And you don’t even have to call them and use your worse than bad Korean.

Hmmm, why not use that as your 7:30am alarm? “Knock knock, breakfast is served” sounds like a great idea.

It’s so convenient. I love it. Even if it’s dangerously tempting all the time.

But seriously, next thing you know, they’ll start using storks to deliver babies right to your doorstep.