Currently Writing To: SHERlocked – Michael Price

A slow start this Monday morning. Back to my regular routine after a spectacular weekend.

Needed something gentle but powerful to get me going. Emotional and captivating, it’s a beautiful piece. And if you have yet to watch the show, I highly recommend it!

Currently Writing To: End Titles – Rachel Portman (Joy Luck Club)

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I’ve been listening to softer music. The Joy Luck Club is such a powerful movie for me. I can relate to it so much. The music is just as emotional and moving. It certainly helps when writing sad scenes.

It blends Chinese and western instruments gorgeously. The Chinese influence lends to its melancholic tones. It’s stunning.

It evokes a sense of longing, of something missing. And yet this hope for the future. Complex and beautiful.

Currently Writing To: Coeur Volant by Howard Shore feat. Zaz

I’ve been obsessed with Zaz for a few years now. I recently discovered this song, and it has been on repeat since.

A little taste of Paris. Gorgeous lyrics, an enchanting voice, and amazing instrumentals to accompany. Two amazing people combine to create an amazing piece of art. All in all, a masterpiece.

Currently Writing To: Life & Death

Soundtrack music is like the youngest child of Classical music. While simpler than the music of great composers, it still remains such an important part of any movie or video.

It may not be as complex as the symphonies or sonatas that have been written throughout the years, but it is still very enjoyable.

The soundtracks written for Japanese animated films and TV shows can be spectacular.

The intensity drives me forward, speeds up my brain and fingers. Gives me energy to write, even when I’m ready to pass out after my 8 hour working day.