Currently Relaxing To: Pretty Little Foot – The Human Experience/Rising Appalachia

This is a queued post. (I prepared all nice and in advance for my absence!) But here is a track that’s perfect for summer. Chillhop is an awesome, relaxing genre.

To be honest, I’ll be listening to a whole variety of types of music at this point. But here’s one I’ve been listening to a lot recently, so I have no doubt it will be played many times on my trip.

A little different from my usual music posts, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Their stuff is available for free (or you choose the price) on their bandcamp. I highly recommend it! It was worth every penny I paid.


Christine Fichtner luggage

It’s finally time for my 4-day vacation to the Okanagan! Going to visit wineries, and pick plenty of fresh fruit.

Which means I’m not bringing my laptop, and won’t be able to read your blogs or reply to your comments until Monday.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you all soon!