Challenge the Waves


The water is cold as it claims your feet, so you burrow them into the sand. It is not much of an improvement, but it warms as the water drew away. Soon only the very top of your feet are left visible to the sea’s curious eyes.

A slight wiggle ensures that you are firmly in place. You keep your hands stretched out to your side to make sure you don’t fall. Perhaps, you muse, you should have set your feet a little wider apart.

The next wave comes, a little bit stronger. The sea is playful, seeing your resistance as a challenge. It attempts to knock your feet out, but you’re adamant in your stance.

The water drags away some of the sand, but still you do not move. Instead you attempt to work your feet even deeper before the next rush of water.

Your lips curl upwards, and the sun mirrors in your eyes and off your teeth.

This wave is stronger than the last one, and you can feel the sand being pulled from under you. Soon your toes will begin to peek out, but the waves are now too fast, and you have no time to rebury your feet.

You kick out at the wave in defeat. The sea’s triumphant fireworks follow the arc of your foot.

The waves recede, and you make your way back up to your towel. But you’ll be back, you grin at the ocean. It’s not over yet.