Currently Writing To: The Bell that Never Rang

“As the door swung to lintel and the line became tight
I caught the man’s orders and swam to the light

Nobody knows when you’ll go and no-one thinks to tell you”


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I originally started listening to Lau about four years ago. Their traditional fiddle medleys would always inspire me to pick up my violin and play.

More recently they have transitioned into experimental folk music, and I love it. They seamlessly, beautifully, incorporate strings into their music and have stunning lyrics.

Here is a relatively new song: The Bell that Never Rang by Lau. The build up at the end has me pressing replay over and over.

Currently Writing To: Coeur Volant by Howard Shore feat. Zaz

I’ve been obsessed with Zaz for a few years now. I recently discovered this song, and it has been on repeat since.

A little taste of Paris. Gorgeous lyrics, an enchanting voice, and amazing instrumentals to accompany. Two amazing people combine to create an amazing piece of art. All in all, a masterpiece.


There’s nothing quite like it, that sense of entirety. No way to properly describe such a feeling. That with the wave of one person’s hands, everyone unifies. Respecting boundaries and limits, and yet going so far beyond what they have ever done before.

Breaths are taken, arms readied for action, relaxed, anticipating.

Then with a downward stroke of hands, sound explodes from the stage. Lips tremble, and fingers and eyes follow the dance of music.

In unison they rise and fall and twirl around each other in a swirl of harmonies. Melodies bow politely and then intertwine, rising with languid steps, dancing alongside the graceful sweeps and sharp points of the conductor’s hands.

The air shivers. Saturated, it whirls outwards. It reaches for anyone, anything, willing to share the journey. And they’re waiting patiently with open arms to embrace the sounds singing through the air.

Pages of black and white spin and flip, releasing joy from its lined constraints. Sound leaps, creating images, picturesque and devastating. Glorious armies that march forth, and the mourning wail of one who has lost.

And the audience feels the victory and the pain. Sighs meander as they hear a lover’s woes. They spread their fiery wings in wrath and then they dance in renewing green of spring.

When finally the last note has left the air to lodge itself forever in the hearts of the audience, they all rise, wordless in their communication.


I really do miss playing in an orchestra.
Also included a small reference to one of my favourite pieces.

Currently Writing To: Life & Death

Soundtrack music is like the youngest child of Classical music. While simpler than the music of great composers, it still remains such an important part of any movie or video.

It may not be as complex as the symphonies or sonatas that have been written throughout the years, but it is still very enjoyable.

The soundtracks written for Japanese animated films and TV shows can be spectacular.

The intensity drives me forward, speeds up my brain and fingers. Gives me energy to write, even when I’m ready to pass out after my 8 hour working day.

That From Which Freedom Sings

They fidget, they tap, they itch. The muscles tremble in anticipation, sending images to your mind. Anticipation, excitement. The feel of thin metal digging into soft flesh. Speeding over the wood, flying, creating.

The feeling spreads from your fingers to your stomach, where you begin to feel restlessness brewing. How long can you wait until you do it again? A finger twitches. Your gaze strays downwards.

It’s lying there innocently. You have yet to touch it, but from it your name resonates, singing freedom from under your fingers. It’s more than just a tool. It’s an extension of your body, of your fingers.

Paper flutters its loneliness from upon the stand. A story that sings when you read it.

So you pick up the wooden instrument, and rest it under your chin. It sighs into your shoulder, and cups your jaw in a loving embrace. With your other hand you bring up its counterpart, and let it settle on the string. Your fingers fall into a familiar position, and freedom sings forth.

I’m singing in the rain, but it’s not raining, so I’m actually just singing

Said every Korean person.

Kind of.

Well, some must have, at least.

And I think it’s awesome. People are much more willing to sing to themselves here. They’ll sing while they’re walking, or waiting in line, and sometimes even in the subway or on the bus.

I definitely hear my neighbours singing(screaming?).

I think it’s great that people have the confidence and that it’s socially acceptable to sing to yourself in public.

If I did that back in Canada, I’d definitely be stared at by everyone. If I get stared at here, it’s not because I’m singing.

Currently Writing To: Nothing Without You

Vienna Teng is one of the must underrated musicians I have come across. Her voice is so pure and sweet, her lyrics are beautiful, and her composition is amazing. Her album Dreaming Through The Noise is my favourite. It is calming, yet inspiring. Heartbreaking, uplifting. It gets my pen moving.

This is one of my favourite songs.

Currently writing to: When I Still Needed You – Afro Celt Sound System

A song that stems from a devastating massacre. Beautiful, haunting. It urges me to think about what is important. It urges me to think about humanity. It urges me to write.

From the amazing group Afro Celt Sound System.