Throwback to the ‘Cool’ Sweatpants

I have a confession to make: I haven’t bought sweatpants since high school.

Now, to put this into context, I live in a city where it’s normal to go to school or grocery shopping in extremely casual wear. Vancouver is not, unfortunately, known for its fashion. Sweatpants are extremely popular here. So going for that long without buying new sweatpants is a bit surprising. Especially since, though I admit that while I was skeptical at first, this style of sweatpants is really growing on me (you can dress them up! Crazy!).

That being said, giant, baggy sweatpants were actually considered cool when I was in high school, and were a staple in my wardrobe. The signature Russell sweatpants. Oversized. Part sporty, part hip-hop dance inspired.

Getting a kitten has had me digging to the depths of my wardrobe and bringing out clothes that I don’t wear very much anymore. As armour against the kitty claws. This includes sweatpants from over ten years ago, and old sweatshirts. It made me rather nostalgic.

Christine Fichtner tbt sweats

Just missing the Adidas Originals shoes.

In my defence, these sweatpants have held up extremely well against any wear and tear. Quite amazing, considering how often I used to wear them.

Most of the time at home I wear pyjama bottoms. But I have to say that I’m very much enjoying the good old sweatpants. And they do an excellent job protecting me from my kitten’s claws.

All in all, I’m very glad to have dug these out. I still might buy some new sweatpants though.


Those Awesome Classes

I think one of the best and most important parts of being a teacher is developing a good relationship with my students.

It’s hard sometimes, especially when they’re quiet or shy, but it’s always wonderful to see them break out of their shells, and begin to express themselves and interact with the others. And the teacher.

I like to joke around with my students. I want them to feel at ease, so that they can enjoy themselves while learning. I still find it a bit hard to balance fun and learning, but I’m working on it.

I think I’m really lucky that I get to work with really small classes. It helps create a more personal atmosphere that allows for a greater depth of teaching and sharing.

The class I taught today has only three students. They were pretty quiet before, but they’ve started interacting and chatting with each other. They’ve also started joking with me, and it has put everyone at ease. They still complain, of course, about the workload (I would too, if I were them), but I genuinely look forward to teaching their class. And I walk away with a spring in my step.

Now to start working on the uninspired students…