Food, glorious food.

The best days are always the days that are filled with good food.

I love eating Korean food. It’s delicious.

But sometimes I get foreign food cravings. Yesterday was one such day.

I spent the day traveling around Seoul with my friends, eating amazing food, and sneaking in some shopping in between.

I started off in Gangnam at Butterfingers, where I ate the most amazing buttermilk pancakes.

Vanilla butter. Mmm.

With Vanilla butter. Mmm.

Then I went to Myeongdong, where I got Red Mango frozen yoghurt.

Red Mango

So yummy

And finally I ended in Itaewon, where I got amazing Thai food at Wang’s. The Green Curry and Pad Thai were delicious, and not Korean-ized, which is what I find happens with a lot of foreign foods such as Vietnamese Pho. The restaurant was really busy, and we waited quite a while for a table, but the food came very quickly, and it was well worth the wait.p20130324-000105

A happy stomach means a happy me.

I had to travel pretty far to get such a variety of foreign foods, but it is definitely worth it!