Sunny Day Adventures

Sunny days are rare here once fall hits. That’s one of the reasons everyone is constantly talking about the weather. We all appreciate the sun to its fullest, since we normally only get it during the summer.

Today was one such day.

Waiting for my ride in the warm sun and cool breeze

Waiting for my ride in the warm sun and cool breeze

With only one class to teach in the evening, I was free to procrastinate on my writing, and spend a day gallivanting around.

We started off with dim sum. It was a bit far away from my house, but totally worth it.

Western Lake Chinese restaurant on Victoria and 34th. Absolutely delicious. 20$ per person, with leftovers for everyone.

So much good food

So much good food

After a delicious start to the day, we decided to pamper ourselves at a nearby salon. Pedicures for all!

My feet have never been so soft. Nor have they been tickled quite this much in ages. None of us was able to resist laughing.


It’s worth it for clean, massaged feet and pretty nails!