Currently Writing To: Heart Sutra – Jing Shanyuan 敬善媛 (杨小琳)

Busy days push me towards more relaxing music. Though I am not buddhist, this chant is so calming that I listen to it all the time. After a tough day at work, or when I need to clear my head to help me focus, this will get me through it. A song to listen to, over and over again.

Serenity, peace, calm. Beautiful, relaxing, meditative.

(Please ignore the video)

Immortal Dance

Christine Fichtner Chinatown Koi Vancouver


They swim, unmoving in their act of eternal motion.

Gold upon water’s soft blue. Floundering its fins in an immortal dance. Braving the currents, it perseveres. For it knows that one day, when it has struggled enough, it will be rewarded. Transformed and exalted. Eternal.

With a Sigh of Light

She scooped out some dirt and placed it aside, creating a gentle hole fit to embrace the delicate seed resting in her hand.

Lowering it into its new home, she quickly covered it and smoothed out the land until not even the most royal of blood could sense it.

Then she cupped her small hands together in front of her mouth and blew. Her breath misted into the palms of her hands, swirling, solidifying into a small cloud that thundered with its own mini storm. Slowly, carefully, she drew her hands apart, and let the cloud hover over the buried seed.

For a while the cloud merely rumbled, growing darker with the occasional spark. Then finally it shuddered slightly and began to rain.

The small patch of ground below it darkened with a healthy glow. And when the rain finally sputtered to a stop, it was thoroughly soaked.

She tilted her head, allowing sunlight past her small body and onto the ground. She petted the dirt absently, humming to herself. Thin, translucent wings fluttered behind her.

She paused as she felt something move beneath her hand. Raising it slightly, she smiled brilliantly at the small green leaf poking through. She brushed away a few stray specs of dirt and released a tinkling sound of delight.

She hummed louder as it began to grow, spiraling upwards. More leaves sprouted, and a small bud formed. It grew slowly, and she hovered worriedly as it turned away from the sun, completely shadowed by the stem and leaves.

When finally the plant stopped growing, the bud remained shaded, drooping slightly. She placed her cheek against it, and continued to sing.

She felt it quiver, and fluttered backwards in anticipation. Slowly the bud began to open, a bright peony that released a sigh of light. For resting in the curve of one of the petals was a small body, curled up in sleep. Minuscule wings twitched feebly. Dark lashes fluttered in dream, and fingers uncurled slightly.

She crooned happily, and gently scooped up the little one to rest against her chest. Then her wings burst into motion, and she swept back into the green arms of the forest.

I felt like writing something cute and sweet.

Sunny Day Adventures

Sunny days are rare here once fall hits. That’s one of the reasons everyone is constantly talking about the weather. We all appreciate the sun to its fullest, since we normally only get it during the summer.

Today was one such day.

Waiting for my ride in the warm sun and cool breeze

Waiting for my ride in the warm sun and cool breeze

With only one class to teach in the evening, I was free to procrastinate on my writing, and spend a day gallivanting around.

We started off with dim sum. It was a bit far away from my house, but totally worth it.

Western Lake Chinese restaurant on Victoria and 34th. Absolutely delicious. 20$ per person, with leftovers for everyone.

So much good food

So much good food

After a delicious start to the day, we decided to pamper ourselves at a nearby salon. Pedicures for all!

My feet have never been so soft. Nor have they been tickled quite this much in ages. None of us was able to resist laughing.


It’s worth it for clean, massaged feet and pretty nails!