Fall Shivers

   Thin fingers squeezed together, shaking slightly in the frigid morning air. Her gloves were still buried deep within the closet, so she had to resort to tucking her hands within her slightly too-thin sleeves. A shiver ran the length of her body, and she quickened her steps. 

   Just a little bit further.

   Her toes had started protesting the cold from the moment she crawled out from under her covers this morning. Even her thick socks weren’t helping.

   Up ahead she saw the inviting yellow of her favourite morning stop. She stuck her hands under her arms, shoulders hunched slightly.

   The bell rang as she opened the door. She straightened as warmth and the smell of coffee flitted about her senses.

   The door closed, forcing the seeking frost to retreat. It allowed no resistance and closed with a jolly jingle. 

   Mutinously resistant cold air clung desperately to her back, lurking under her jacket, clawing at her back. She shivered once more, dislodging it. 

   She accepted her usual with a smile and brief exchange. Then her hands surrounded the cup, and her shoulders relaxed. Her fingers tingled, warming a bit too quickly, and she inhaled the wake up she’d been lacking. 

   One sip in, one breath out.

Cus why not

Hello Kitty face in my Hello Kitty coffee.

Hello Kitty face in my Hello Kitty coffee.

It has been rather rainy lately. Thank you, Monsoon season, I had forgotten what it was like living in Vancouver. You have certainly done a good job reminding me.

So anyway, in order to cheer myself up, I went to the Hello Kitty Cafe, cus, why not.

Whatever you’re imagining in your head, it’s like that.

Pink, girly, and full of Hello Kitty.

Hello kitty cups, Hello Kitty waffles, Hello Kitty toys, and Hello Kitty water.

It’s great and I love it. And actually affordable too, though I rate the coffee as ‘meh’.

So here’s to Hello Kitty everything!


People: A Study

I sit on the cafe terrace and pretend that I’m waiting for someone. And in a way, I am. I’m waiting for them to walk by. For all of them.

I see weariness, excitement, surprise. Flashes. Sometimes they wave to catch my attention, lingering until their wearer has passed me by. And other times they shy away, so I turn my head.

For these brief moments, I almost feel as if I am meeting people. The first impression as I walk into a room. The superficial study that I use to look underneath.

Colours that match perfectly, colours that don’t. Blocking, styling, stating. A burst of blue, a pitter-patter of pink. They giggle across arms and down legs.

Beautiful Cafes

Standard Cafe

Standard Cafe

I come to this place often enough that they smile in slight recognition as I enter. And they speak to me using as much English as they can, because they know that I don’t speak the local language.

It’s warm inside, very warm. My glasses fog instantly. I shiver once as residual cold air kisses my skin farewell.

I order in broken Korean. They smile patiently.

It takes too long to translate the cost in my head, so I just hand them a large bill. The change I get back looks about right.

It’s a cozy cafe. The floor is dark, but the multi-coloured glitter embedded in the tiles makes the light dance. Rustic chairs and tables occupy the walls, surrounding the island bar.

Self-serve water and a chalkboard menu waves to me from the right. A raised platform of tables greets me from the left. I choose a window seat so that I can see the cloudless sky. I prefer summertime when I can sit outside.

Finally I am warm enough to remove my scarf and jacket. I settle down comfortably, and open my laptop. I love how fast the internet is here.

My order takes a while; they’re meticulous with their drinks. But when it arrives, it’s beautifully designed. A soft thank-you passes my lips. Any louder and I worry that they’ll be able to pick out even more mistakes in my pronunciation.

It’s a little bit more expensive than the other cafes around here, but I come here anyway. I like it here, though I’m not quite sure why I prefer it. Maybe it’s the good memories, maybe it’s the atmosphere. Or maybe it’s just the fruit and ice cream waffles.


I love cafes. I love relaxing and writing, or reading, or studying, while sipping a delicious drink. Cafes here also tend to have amazing desserts, such as waffles or thick toast.

I was debating whether to post this here or in my Creative Writing blog, but in the end I decided that it fit better here.