Do Not Go Gentle

In the whole of October we had three days of sunshine. Quite dreary. Constant cloudy weather can be rather depressing. November hasn’t been much better.



Still, I wanted to add a bit of brightness to my mood. I miss summer dresses once the season is over, so I figured I’d try and transition a bit more slowly from summer to fall.


Pairing it with my classic leather jacket. A definite fall staple.

Summer dresses are light, but fall means layering. Adding tights, a leather jacket, and boots to a dress makes it warm enough for fall.



I chose a dress that has muted colours. Softer, and easier to match.


The bag that I’m wearing is 100% Canadian. Lowell is a company based in Montreal, and all of their products are locally made. The leather is incredibly soft, yet durable. The designs are classic and functional. I’m absolutely in love with this bag.

If you’re looking for a bag that will last you years, I highly recommend this brand. It’s a bit of an investment, but well worth it. There will definitely be more on this bag in the future!

I hope you’ve been enjoying your fall! Winter is just around the corner…

Currently Writing To: Intuition – Feist

The rainy season has started. The weekend was gorgeous, though, which was a wonderful treat. Slowly getting back into the groove of things. My schedule is finally back to normal, but it’s taking a while to recover. But I’m getting there.

Perfect for the chilly rainy fall days and some hot tea and writing, this song lets you sit back and breathe deeply. Nod your head along. Tap your fingers. And enjoy the tapping of rain against the window.

Windows like Eyes

The satisfying crunch of the leaf under her foot made her stretch worth it. She normally went straight home, eager to catch her favourite TV shows, but today the leaves seemed to have fallen in abundance, and it hadn’t rained in days. She was slowly crunching her way home.

Her skin prickled slightly and she worried that she might catch a cold if she stayed in the cool, fall air for too long. But when she glanced sideways, she felt that perhaps she was shivering from something other than the autumn air.

It was tall and black. There were no lights on inside, and one of the windows had shattered. The door was shut, but there were gaps between the wood. A worn path swayed towards a rickety front porch.

A cold wind blew tattered drapes out through the broken glass. They flapped helplessly as the air moaned its way out of the cracks in the window frames.

Her hair was pulled towards the house, and she tumbled forward slightly as a sudden gust pushed her from behind. The biting air slipped under her scarf, and she pulled her jacket tighter. She was right in front of the tall black gate. Sharp spikes towered, but the lock was broken. One of the doors hung sadly from broken hinges, whining piteously in the wind.

She stared, transfixed. Her breathing slowed as her eyes watched the reaching curtains. The house breathed in and the door creaked its welcome as it agonized its way open. Her foot stepped forward, slow, hesitating. Her arm reached out to push the gate doors out of the way. Her breath ghosted behind her as she moved, fleeing to safety against the wind.

Crunch. She started as her foot came down on a large, dry leaf. Her head jerked down to stare at her foot. Her heart beat irregularly for a moment. She glanced up again and shivered. She took one step backwards, then another. Then with one last glance, she hurried away, clutching her scarf tightly.

Windows like eyes watched her go, and the door slowly breathed shut.

I’m not actually sure if this is scary. I can’t handle horror or anything surrounding that genre. I creeped myself out by writing this at night and then having to drive home alone. So to me this is pretty creepy, but I’m not really a good judge of scary things.