For the Love of Pattern

I love bold patterns. I often opt for solid colours out of safety, but once in a while there’s something too incredible for me to pass over.


A dress I bought in Singapore – the base has the most intricate and delicate design.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s clothing or decor. Sometimes something more is needed to create a stronger contrast, and a more daring image.


My favourite summer yellow with a floral print.

Too much, of course, is overpowering and overly busy. The eye cannot settle and everything clashes.


Mixing pattern and solids.

I love a balance. Which is, ultimately, a philosophy I try and follow in most aspects of my life.



Modern bohemian prints. I’m a bit of a sucker for them.


I bought a sheet of wrapping paper just to frame on the wall. 

The perfect touch in the bedroom. A bright splash of colour that’s not too distracting.

How do you incorporate patterns into your every day life?



8 thoughts on “For the Love of Pattern

  1. OMG really liked your idea of framing wrapping paper ! Totally going to do it ! The prints are lovely too! I generally use patterns on bed cover and pillow covers. I have a skirt with crazy chic floral pattern and i love it.


  2. I absolute love the first print! Your skirt is cute too. I do not wear a lot of print or knitted patterns unless it’s an accessory like a scarf or hat. Have you ever made your own prints and knitted patterns before? I am new on word press and please feel free to stop by my blog and check it out. Thank you.


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