I, By

I work next to the smell of the sea. 

And sometimes I think that I can understand, just a little, the longing sailors feel when separated from the ocean. 

I grew up next to the sea. 

I know the sound of waves, of gulls, of water slapping the side of boats. 

I grew up watching the sea. 

To be inland, I feel a sense of loss. As if a vital part of me is missing. That sense of endlessness has disappeared. 

9 thoughts on “I, By

  1. endlessness- I was thinking about that yesterday while listening to the waves and looking out to sea. Turning around in the water I would see the land, the people, house, hotels, civilization and then there is the ocean, vast, “endless”.

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  2. Because you’d been taken out of that element that marked your younger years, that, is why you feel that strong sense of loss, but life is about changes, and we’re all going through changes big or small in our lives everyday, as that, is how life goes, nothing EVER stays still or the same for too long…


  3. I love the smell of the sea, I grew up in a fishing town, any time I see imagery of it I remember that smell and long to go back.


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