Throwback to the ‘Cool’ Sweatpants

I have a confession to make: I haven’t bought sweatpants since high school.

Now, to put this into context, I live in a city where it’s normal to go to school or grocery shopping in extremely casual wear. Vancouver is not, unfortunately, known for its fashion. Sweatpants are extremely popular here. So going for that long without buying new sweatpants is a bit surprising. Especially since, though I admit that while I was skeptical at first, this style of sweatpants is really growing on me (you can dress them up! Crazy!).

That being said, giant, baggy sweatpants were actually considered cool when I was in high school, and were a staple in my wardrobe. The signature Russell sweatpants. Oversized. Part sporty, part hip-hop dance inspired.

Getting a kitten has had me digging to the depths of my wardrobe and bringing out clothes that I don’t wear very much anymore. As armour against the kitty claws. This includes sweatpants from over ten years ago, and old sweatshirts. It made me rather nostalgic.

Christine Fichtner tbt sweats

Just missing the Adidas Originals shoes.

In my defence, these sweatpants have held up extremely well against any wear and tear. Quite amazing, considering how often I used to wear them.

Most of the time at home I wear pyjama bottoms. But I have to say that I’m very much enjoying the good old sweatpants. And they do an excellent job protecting me from my kitten’s claws.

All in all, I’m very glad to have dug these out. I still might buy some new sweatpants though.


10 thoughts on “Throwback to the ‘Cool’ Sweatpants

  1. I think you look great! I think sweatpants can be very fluid. If you don’t have the right kind or don’t wear them right you may look bummy – but on the other hand dressed like you, they look cool 🙂


    • Thanks! I generally prefer sweatpants with the elastic bottoms, since I find that they look better on me. Also if I wear a giant sweatshirt or t-shirt, I’ll definitely look bummy. The West-Coast casual that I grew up with remains strong so I’ve tried to find ways to style it!

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  2. I don’t know if it’s camera angle or something. Your legs simply look too short. Somebody has to tell you the truth so you don’t do it again. Your hips are probably too long, so your high waist line will provide the impression that you have long legs. If you actually have long legs, possibly, based on some other photos you have shared online, then please do not try that hard to make them look short. We are not living in an era where short legs rule yet. Live long legs!


    • Of course, Christine can dress however she and her fiancé want it, but it’s still better for her to know about different opinions to make an informed decision. Ignorance is rarely a quality.


    • It’s sometimes a hard balance, I’ve found, to want to be in style while not conforming to society’s standards. But I’ve been working hard to dress for myself, not for anyone else. And to love exactly the way I am.


      • You should not worry about anybody else, because you are only responsible for keeping yourself happy, nobody else can and will be responsible for you own happiness, just like you’re not responsible to keep everybody happy too.

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  3. So long as you are aware of what you are doing and love what you are doing, the way you are is always highly respected. Usually, a short explanation of why you want to go against a specific social norm is much appreciated, because you might end up changing everyone’s mind. At the very least, it tells your readers that you are aware of what you are doing. Why avoid me at all? My comments get deleted very often, so, no, I am not offended. No worries.


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