It’s Kitten Time

My fiancé and I got a kitten! We’ve always wanted a black cat. They’re like fuzzballs with eyes.

Christine Fichtner's Kitten

This is Jerry! Also toe beans.

Ryan has had pets before, but this is my first one. My mom is quite allergic to both cats and dogs, so we couldn’t get one when I was younger. I got fish, but it wasn’t quite the same. So I promised myself that when I grew up and moved out I would get a pet. And here I am! My first Kitten! Who is, even as I type this, batting at my fingers because they’re moving.

Christine Fichtner kitten on my shoulder

He likes to sit on my shoulder.

Jerry is already very, very loved. Claws and all.

What’s your experience with pets? Your favourite moments? Do’s and Don’ts? I would love to hear from you all!

26 thoughts on “It’s Kitten Time

  1. I’m so glad you chose a black kitten! I have cared for a number of strays and their kittens, and our last mother was a long-haired black and white cat, and half her kittens turned out to be black.

    Black cats are notoriously hard to find homes for, because people still have stupid superstitions.

    Kittens are so much fun, and then they grow up into great friends.


  2. adorable! i got a cat, a 2-year-old female, about a year ago. she found me. the first few months were challenging as i had never been around pets before and there was a lot to learn..and to accept. i am glad i did as i am head over heels in love with eva. she’s feisty and a brat. cat kisses are my favorite thing. people say cats are aloof but eva is very affectionate. and independence does not mean they don’t enjoy the attention and love. my love to jerry!


  3. Sweet! I had two black kittens, brothers. They were right clowns. One once caught a worm, didn’t want me to take it away, so he sat on it so I couldn’t see it. He had such a look on innocence as the head of this thing pocked out from underneath him wriggling away, “I’ve got nothing here”.


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