Flit, flutter

Still looking for the secret to balancing life. Got any leads?

Fluttering rapidly through life.

Fluttering rapidly through life.

24 thoughts on “Flit, flutter

  1. Beautiful artwork to accompany your pointed question. My balance comes with my understanding that all my experiences, good and bad, lead me back to who I am. Knowing myself removes all the questions about life and the direction it will take. I didn’t arrive at balance in a short decade or two. It took time. I understood when I realized that the struggle in the depth of sorrow taught me the value of joy. Since joy can be fleeting, I learned to cherish the moments of light and work diligently through the months of darkness. Somewhere in all that nebulous existence, I realized that butterflies always make me smile. I thank you for that. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I really like the art work, thank you. My balancing act seems to be the fact I have to accept the ups and downs. I can’t quite balance the see saw and when I do….I find it rather boring ;-/


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