19 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. A lovely line 🙂
    I’m always fascinated by old houses that are delapidated and boarded up, wondering what used to be the life there. I had a first hand experience today of a boarded up beach hotel; the the small bay it is sited in is all in the same state. I recall spending many summer days there with relatives, now deceased, when it was full of people and fun, now it’s deserted and the old padding pool taken over by the sea, full of rocks!


  2. Christine,

    ‘Abandoned’ takes me right back to ’69, though any ghosts lurking in the old manor house, which now served as a drawing office, were definitely of the benevolent rather than the malevolent kind. It was my first summer there as a draughtsman and the sun used to shine through the French-doors to my left just as you’ve described, with dust motes swirling silver in the slanting shaft of sunlight…

    One day, a rather gorgeous young typist marched straight down between the rows of drawing boards to mine at the end and invited me to partner her at a bowls match on the lawn after work. I’d never played bowls in my life but said “yes” at once, and the rest is history. We’ve been married for 43 years now.

    Thank you for the happy memory.



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