She saw it in her dreams. Only the stars provided life to the shadows that clung to its form. It was staring out over the lands like a king. But no howl would it answer. Instead it lowered its ears and slinked away as if chastised.

How she wished it would revert, back to its proud stance, beautiful even in its solitude. But it withdrew in exile, never to join in the calls of the others.

She longed to feel its fur bristle beneath her fingers. See its eyes sharpen upon her, perhaps seeing her as prey, or perhaps, though she knew it to be impossible, seeing her as a familiar presence.

Over forests she reached, but it remained just beyond her fingertips, no matter how hard she strained.

And she would wake, tears in her eyes, as it turned from her and faded away. Just a dream, tangible only in her heart.


Very loosely based on a dream I had.

15 thoughts on “Lone

  1. What do we seek in life but the love we need, want, desire, have to have, seek, need to give, crave to share, lust to sense, rush to accept, live to die for, die to give, hope to
    find, live for, mourn the loss of and sense the mystery of during the search for …. completion …. ks


  2. there is attraction to the dark places of the mind that only reflects in dreams. A good imagination will feed the attraction. Beautiful and enigmatic 🙂


  3. Christine,
    You’ve drawn me straight into your dreamscape with its air of Siberian exile. I feel your frustrated desire to connect with a beautiful soul tragically doomed to wander at one remove.
    Could you paint a picture of this? I’d love it if you’d try.


  4. You’re strong and obviously have such a fascinating mind. It’s people like you who make me feel like I don’t have nearly enough talent and that’s great because it makes me drive myself harder. Have a great week ahead. Beautiful thing you have going on here by the way..
    Oh would you stop by my blog? Your opinion would be beyond appreciated


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