May I Request some Music?

So normally on Mondays I share music that I’ve been listening to throughout the week.

But my external hard drive, where I stored all my music, completely died. And of course, being very smart, I did not back it up anywhere else.

So I lost basically all of my music.

Since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the time to rip any CDs or find any new music.

So today, instead of sharing music with you all, I was hoping I could get music recommendations!

My iTunes is empty, and I would love to listen to what you all like! I’m taking this chance to cleanse and revamp my music selection.

Songs, artists, massive lists, I’ll take it all!

I’m not picky about genre or style, so please don’t hold back.

Your recommendations are much appreciated!

33 thoughts on “May I Request some Music?

  1. Regina Spektor (Samson, Man of a Thousand Faces), P!nk (Save My Life, Glitter in the Air, Perfect, Walk Away, or anything else by her!), I Lived by OneRepublic, Missy Higgins. I also love Tenth Avenue North’s Worn and You Are More, if you like Christian music. Hope that helps you get started! I’ll probably think of more later!


  2. Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick (it also comes in an acoustic version)
    Tell Me Ma by Sham Rock
    Counting Stars by OneRepublic
    Let Her Go by Passenger or Jasmine Thompson
    A Thousand Years
    Don’t You Worry Child by Anthem Lights


  3. I haven’t listened to much new music lately (other than Childish Gambino), but have been listening to old Lenny Kravitz records, and Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) in the car. I mostly listen to Pandora (on whatever station I’m in the mood for -all genres) at home.


  4. Anything by the Eagles (I listen to them almost every day), the Steve Miller Band, Lynard Skynard, Damn Yankees (High Enough), because Southern Rock…oh yeah. And Volbeat is awesome, too! (Lola Montez and others) 🙂


  5. I might recommend Origa or Yoko Kanno (especially the track Inner Universe. Also Sosei No Acquarion featuring Big Brother). Kugutsuuta kagirohi ha yomi ni mata muto by Kenji Kawai is a terrific soundtrack from the film GitS Innocence.
    For more contemporary music, perhaps Don Henley (especially Boys of Summer, End of the Innocence, For My Wedding and The Last Worthless Evening) and Ice House (including Electric Blue, Crazy, Jimmy Dean, Heartbreak Kid and Great Southern Land).


  6. Arctic Monkeys are en excellent “on the road” band. I love listening to them in and out of my car.. Three albums from them that I recommend are AM, Favourite Worst nightmare, and Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not.

    And for some slower jams with the same vocalist, check out Alex Turner’s solo work. It is all available on iTunes 🙂


  7. Tom Petty: A Face In The Crowd
    Van Halen: Runaround
    Journey: Live And Breathe
    Aerosmith: Luv Lies
    Bryan Adams: If I Had You
    Midnight Oil: Mountains Of Burma
    Chickenfoot: Soap On A Rope
    Herb Alpert: Rise
    Enya: Only Time


  8. Bright Eyes has some expertly crafted lyrics. (I was reminded of them when I saw someone mentioned Conner Oberst, he is a truly talented musician.) I listen to a lot of non lyrical stuff for writing though, a couple recommendations there:

    Blackmill (Either album works, though I have a particular affinity for Miracle)
    Massive Attack (Mezzanine is my favorite)
    Beats Antique (Take your pic there, though I love the sound of the song ‘Egyptic’)

    And so on and so forth. Sorry to hear about the loss of your music, losing my library is a terrifying thought to me. Best of luck in building your new collection!


  9. Definitely Enya, Saint Saens, any Jazz with Louis Armstrong, Robbie Williams doing covers, Bryan Ferry – anything, Milhaud – Boeuf sur la Toit great jazz/classical, Katie Melua, Eva Cassidy, Beethoven’s 7th, Brahms Hungarian Dances, anything by Queen and Abba and Green Day Pearl Fishers Dvorjak the girl who sang Skyfall for the James Bond film (19 and 21 the Albums) Kaiser Chiefs Oasis, beatles……ohhh enjoy!


  10. Part of a post a recently did .,…. i heard a song that i thought was really great and i was drawn in by the words so …

    so, if anybody knows the drum and bass ‘consortium’ Kaskade with Deadmaus, then you’ll know who i’m talking about but, for those of you who don’t, go to the ‘free pandora’ web site or wherever … and ask to hear a sample of Kaskade with Deadmaus. The name of the song is “I Remember”. .

    So, I heard it tonight … not just the words but … the whole song … that deep electronic bass pulling you along, driving forward with that steady “semi reggae” beat like a nice big wave that just keeps gently cresting … mesmerizing and powerful and beautiful …. I think.

    So, here are the words to, what i think, great song by Kaskade.

    “I Remember”

    Feeling the past moving on

    Letting a new life begin,

    Hold to the thoughts you know

    You don’t have to move on to let go.


    Add to the memories you keep

    Ponder when you fall to sleep

    Hold to the love that you know

    You don’t have to give up to let go.


    Remember turning on the night?

    And moving through the morning light?

    Remember how it was with you?

    Remember how you pulled me through?

    I remember

    I remember


    Feeling the past moving on

    Letting a new day begin

    Hold to the time that you know

    You don’t have to move on to let to


    Go add to the memories you keep

    Remember them when you fall asleep.

    wull … i just think it’s wonderful and i hope you do/did to …. ks


  11. i like that you “like” (whenever you do … ) what i write … it’s a treat for me … numbers aren’t important … the work behind the person who ”likes” is … i love what you write: gentle, honest, no rough edges, humble, vulnerable, ethereal at times, a steady beat of love below the surface driving the words along … not a raging river … a gentle stream, the rocks and pebbles and grasses below obvious yet … beauty seen through a lens of cool introspection (so esoteric … sorry … ), lovely and sweet, a touch of pathos … eyes seen looking through a space between, able to see … deep sadness at WHAT you see … more like disappointment actually; asking, why can’t people allow their inner beauty to emerge? … the source of that sadness along with subdued … very subdued … disdain for art that is presented as art but … wull, falls far short … but it doesn’t matter … other things are more important in the scheme of things …. a gentle soul in a world of turmoil and at times, ugliness … yet … an immense world of beauty to be seen … ks


  12. riders of the Sun – Doors, Long and Winding Road – Beatles , Whiter Shade of Pale – Moody Blues, Its Alright Ma I’m only Bleeding -Dylan, Masters of War – Dylan, Rachmaninov Piano Concerto, Nine Years – David Bowie, Sibelius 2nd Symphony, Debussy – Prelude de L’Apres Midi D’un Faun, Police- Ill be watching you, Eva Cassidy – Over the Rainbow, Kinks – Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Dvorjak – New World Symphony, Mahler – Song of the Earth, Stravinsky – Rite of Spring, Beatles – Let it Be, John Lennon – Imagine, Classic Jazz Laments: St James Infirmary, Ain’t No Sunshine Sting – Englishman in New York, Pink Floyd – Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Beethoven – Symphonies. Hymns: Forgive our Foolish Ways, The Day Thou Gavest William Blake – Jerusalem, Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen, George Harrison ;All Things Must Pass Runrig: Loch Lomond Bowie: Space Oddysea,


  13. I do a lot of writing to Pink Floyd, particularly the albums Wish You Were Here and The Division Bell.
    I saw that you also like cellos, so I suggest Adam Hurst. His album Elegy is amazing. Fair warning though, I never know what music to follow it with. If you figure it out, let me know. 🙂


  14. What a difficult question because whoever I recommend means another musician wasn’t! HA My top 5 new album releases are by Spoon, Shakey Graves, Ryan Adams, Shovels and Rope, and The New Basement Tapes. Oh wait – 6 – Tom Petty.


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