Life, and such

I really was not expecting to work quite so much this summer. Before I received my work schedule, I envisioned myself spending at least half the day writing or painting or both. Instead, I ended up working most of the day, and getting home completely exhausted and unable to do much. I did manage to do some writing while on the go, but most of it is sleeping in my notebook, unedited. Eventually, I’m sure, the stories will make their way onto my blog, when they wake up and kick me in the brain.

That’s not to say I’ve been having a bad summer. Far from it. The weather has been amazing, my cousin visited for a month, and I’ve done some excellent reading.

I have also been enjoying the absolutely amazing fruits from the interior. They are, I have to say, the best I’ve ever had. The flavour is unbeatable.

Christine Fruits 2014


I had to take a break from blogging, and from any form of work beyond teaching for the last month. I was overwhelmed and was getting sick and anxious from all the stress. Luckily I now have a short break before the fall semester starts, and will take the time to recharge. Hopefully I will get back to my regular blogging routine.

I hope everyone has been having an amazing summer! I feel like I’m rather out of touch with everyone, since I have not been active in almost a month. Here’s to a few more weeks of nice weather before the coziness of autumn arrives.

18 thoughts on “Life, and such

  1. You had a very busy summer! I remember when I was teaching I planned to get so much accomplished before school started again but that time goes by so quickly. Yet, it is also nice to get back into a routine. I hope you enjoy every moment of “down” time you have before the semester begins again. People do not realize how exhausting teaching can be, if you are truly passionate about your craft. It drains you on every level but I loved my students so that is what motivated me to get up and do it all over again the next morning.


  2. I know the feeling. Writing consistently, month after month whilst working is exhausting and sometimes you need to take a break from one. Wish I could stop working for six months, but with a mortgage and bills to pay, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.


  3. Christine,

    As a former member of the Bulging Briefcase Brigade, I marvel that you’ve managed to get even a few stories down in your notebook. I shall enjoy reading them when they emerge in due course – you have a very pleasing style.

    Hope the weather is kind to you; it’s a lovely day here in Mid-Cheshire. Look after yourself,



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