You may have noticed

I decided to merge my personal blog with this one. It was too much work maintaining two blogs, and the other one was stagnating, alone and sad in the corner. So from now on, both my personal and writing updates will be posted here. Which also hopefully means more regular updates even when I’m extra busy!

All of my posts from my other blog have been added to this one, and they are mostly listed under the ‘personal’ or ‘photography’ menu at the top (which I also updated, hopefully to make it easier to navigate my blog). Hopefully I’ll have time soon to properly organize everything.

I’m afraid I don’t have any creative writing to post for you all today. My apologies!



21 thoughts on “You may have noticed

  1. You must tell me how to do that without re-posting everything. I have three blogs and I rather have one. It’s nice to see more of you 🙂


    • It’s quite easy! Go into ‘tools’ on your dashboard, and click ‘export’ on the blogs you plan to discontinue. Keep the files on your computer. Then ‘import’ them (also under ‘tools’) into your main blog, and voila! From there, it’s just a matter of reorganizing the categories, etc. Hope that helped!

      I’ll try and post more personal updates! I enjoy writing them, it was just a bit stressful thinking about two blogs. Much easier this way!


  2. Funnily enough I’ve been wondering if I should split my blog into “personal” and “writing”, but always felt that it would be too much and one would suffer. You’ve helped me make the decision to keep it all together!


  3. Wise decision to merge the two! Thanks for following “Laura’s Lens”. That’s my “simple” blog, while “What’s The Good Word?” is my creative thinking, devotional outlet. Best wishes on your creating!


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