“The moon that interesting?”

“It’s full tonight. Must be some werewolves out there.”

“Very funny.”

“What, Josh, you’re not scared of them, are you?” She finally turned to glance at him.

“They’re not even real.”

“Says you,” she sniffed.

He sat beside her and craned his neck. “It’s nice… But you look lovesick, the way you’re staring. Should I be jealous?”

“Maybe,” she grinned, her eyes flicking in his direction. The moonlight made his skin glow. “I mean, it’s gorgeous, it’s so bright, and – well, tonight, it’s pretty damn big.”

“It’s only bright because of the sun. And it’s not big every night.”

She shrugged, scowling as thin clouds momentarily obscured her view. “It’s just hidden most of the time. Doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

“You’ve been staring at it for hours now. Want to go grab food? I’m starved.” He put his arm around her, but she didn’t lean in to him as she normally did. “Melanie?”

Her head jerked and she turned to him, blinking. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Never mind. I’m gonna defrost a pizza.”

Melanie opened the window and inhaled the moon’s white breath.

She settled on the couch, her head nestled against a small mound of pillows. The moon was her blanket as she curled her legs up to her chest. It brushed its lullaby through her hair.

She felt her muscles relax, one by one, and a small smile curved her lips. Her breath misted, silver, in front of her.

“Want a slice?” Josh poked his head into the room as he read the directions on the back of the box. “Melanie?” He looked up when there was no response. She was still staring outside. He sighed. “Mel,” he walked up and shook her. She was warm, her pulse soothing, and her eyes vacant as the moon.


I’ve been fascinated with the idea of breath. First with Steam, and now with this one. And I have more lined up. They are not connected, but rather variants on a theme. I hope you enjoyed it!

16 thoughts on “Lunacy

  1. Beautiful writing, able to visualize what you described and felt myself inhaling as she did when she opened the window. 🙂 Ok, I did get in the story 🙂


  2. …nice mood piece…you might want to develop the werewolfe theme…conventional romance (pizza-boy) with transgressive love (romeo & juliet is story abt a transfigurative unafraid of breaking the rules)…you heroine has longings for a darker love as in psyche for eros, perhaps! ^^~~~~~


  3. Your painting’s like your writing, and vice versa, starting with realism and going into impressionism, where the theme, though simple, stands out from the words you dress around it, such as longing for the Moon till the spirit is gone for it. It does feel very academic, because it pursues some sort of discipline or philosophy in the process of creative writing. I’m not that into it, but I still love your writing style, effortless and refreshing.

    I started writing a science fiction at my blog after reading your Changeling Child series. It’s very Catholic though I am a Protestant. It’s got a lot of nationalism built into it, too. However, the focus is more about the next big thing after the Atomic Age, coexistence with extra-terrestrials in relation to animal rights, and the struggles of the main character(s) with different moral values. I like a novel to be entertaining but educational at the same time, so that it’s worth reading. I want my readers to learn something from the reading experience.

    I may embed poetry in my novel just to show off, but haven’t got the time to do it. Ha!


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