The words freeze throat as you speak. Tears gather at the pain. But you force them out and hope they will take with them the torment you feel.

Words gather, and your stomach clenches around them. Tries. It tries to contain them. To keep the darkness from being released. From corrupting the life it touches once released into the air.

But neither do you want them inside you, festering, rotting you from within.

You scream, torn, agonized, the decision waiting with a smile as cruel as the words you have formed.


Being sick has completely thrown me off course. I missed my usual Wednesday post, and I’ve barely been active the past few days. I apologize if I was late in replying to your messages. And if I missed it completely, I’m deeply sorry! I do my best to reply to each and every one of your comments! I appreciateΒ the time you took to share your words!

43 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Hope you feel better and no reply needed on my part when I comment as long as I am able to share my like to your wonderful writing. Thank You


  2. Its remarkable to see how a choice; a simple, right or left decision, can literally change our lives for eternity. I often find myself wondering what story my life would tell if I had just decided to walk across the street rather than continue up the sidewalk. Or perhaps, what if my parents, in their youth, had waited just another day to conceive? Who would I, or they, or anyone around us be today if something so simple had just waited until a different hour? Alas each choice tells its own poetry and prose, and it is our duty as humans, regardless of affiliation, to grasp at the fabrics and weave our own tapestries from its silks. This writing was wonderful, and I appreciate the pleasure of reading it πŸ™‚


  3. …and we all appreciate the time you take to share your words…and world. Lot of different feelings here (or similar feelings coming from differing sources), but I really relate to them. Thank you for posting it.


  4. Huh. You nailed the exact feel of having something that you need to say but, for whatever reason, can’t get it out into the air where it needs to be. Powerful for being so short, and more than a little sad. Hope you’re feeling well soon.


  5. actually, as paradoxical as it is, pain is the false compass that ultimately leads us to true north!…acceptance of suffering builds the bridge of compassion from my genetatio to yours…”the deeper your love the deeper your compassion” -dafree whitewolfe


  6. I see in this piece an uncontrollable urge to strike back at one who has hurt you with their own words, a need to hurl back what one has been hit with. It’s hard to take and take cruelness and not give it back. And when you finally have had enough, it feels good in a bad way to inflict hurt on one who has hurt you so much.
    Been there, done that.


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