Something Blue

Death, blue, hid beneath her smile. She felt vaguely sympathetic at the sight of his eager face.

But as she stared into his eyes, she saw her children’s fearful gazes, their wrists and ankles tied. And as he spoke his vows, she heard the voice of the shadowed figure, his orders clear, his gun unwavering. Her blue hair clip was as cold as the barrel she had felt pressed against her head.

Matters of the heart were simple enough when her family was on the line.

So she let him slip the ring upon her finger.

“I do.”

Her vows were spoken, staring into his eyes. She let his lips fall upon hers. Closing her eyes, she imagined someone else’s. Rougher lips, always surrounded by a hint of a beard.

She opened her eyes and caressed his shaved cheek. It was warm beneath her chilled fingers. He clasped her hands in an attempt to warm them.

She wore her smile the way she did her dress. It fit, tailored perfectly to her heart. He had already turned and was slapping his best man on the back.

She held on to her mask even as the bedroom door closed and her heart began to pound. He stepped closer and she allowed him to begin removing her dress.

His hand paused on her ring and he smiled at her. She let her eyes flutter downwards, as if shy. He chuckled and kissed her.

She stopped his hand as he moved to undo her hair. “It’s the clip you gave to me. I want to leave it in.”

“Is it?” He was already distracted by her brassiere.

“It’s my Something Blue.”

He hummed as he pushed her onto the pillows.

“I wore it for you.”

“I’d prefer you wearing nothing at all right now.”

“As you wish.” She removed the clip. It had a slightly greenish tinge.

He was kissing her neck. She was dragging her nails down his back, the clip firmly in her grasp, a cold kiss against his heated skin. He barely noticed.

Once he was asleep, she stood up and eased the door open. She handed over the bloody clip and accepted a clean one. She slipped back into bed.

When the sun peered into the room, she opened her eyes and turned to see his still form. For a moment her fingers lingered over his lips. She sighed. Then she opened her mouth and screamed.

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