I Bought Love

I bought love. It was old and used. Haggard after passing through careless hands.

It cost me 4.99 and there was no guarantee it would last. Perhaps it would simply be a fling. Or a one night stand. One time enough.

As I flipped the cover, I relaxed into my seat. I let my heart read through my eyes. And deeper and deeper I fell in love with what I could see on every page.

I bought love. And the love was strong. To this day it remains close, patiently waiting for my attention as it sits on my shelf. And every once in a while I pick it up with a smile. Smooth it with my hands. And open my heart.

30 thoughts on “I Bought Love

  1. You’re referring to a book, right? Great writing…poetic and gentle. Gives me a feeling of second chances. Like, purchasing a second-hand, forgotten book that needs to be read; then being comforted by a good read after a tough day.


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