10 thoughts on “Currently Writing To: Ensemble – Zaz

  1. Not a bad song. I took French in high school and college. I did well–I had to pass a proficiency test to get my liberal arts degree, but I was never fluent and I never got to go to France. However, your choice of a French song as writing background has inspired me. I have downloaded the lyrics and I’m going to work on my own translation.
    I enjoy writing to music too. I like to write to instrumental music, such as the music of George Winston, Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi.


  2. wow! where do you come up with this stuff?(music) it’s frigging wonderful! all of it! and thank you so much for bring it to me and us. half the time i have to ask myself, when i read you, “how does she do it? where does she get this from? some gentle soul all wrapped up in one person who shares herself with everyone even that f… oops .. that frickin’ fricker who stole stuff from you. ok … how does she do it, where does she get this stuff. right now i’m thinking that because … don’t take it like it sounds, ok … you are a sweet girl and i love you like probably every person out there but anyway .. chin up .. ‘ya got us baby … hahaha … yeah right. be healthy ok. thanks for reading my blog ….. ks


    • Thank you so much! I get a lot of music from friends, or blogs that I follow. I don’t really listen to the radio, and prefer recommendations. Your words are so heartwarming and encouraging. Thank you! I am so happy that my words are able to reach out to you and everyone else.


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