There’s a darkness in this room now. The taint spreads from the corner. The window through which you violated my sanctuary. You oozed your way in, desperate, thieving.

You snatched memories from my shelves, cruel in your careless swipes and disregard. Your selfish desire.

You linger even after you sprint away from the crime. Your greedy hands pilfer the happiness from my mind. I can feel you staring, a faceless shadow.


You don’t realize how much of a violation it is until it’s your home that’s broken into. It was only amazing support from family and friends that got me out of the strange funk I was in after it happened. 

But if he was so desperate to break into a house and steal, then he must be at a low point in his life. 

The sentimental value was the hardest blow. Items I can always replace. 

But his actions will follow him for the rest of his life. And with these thoughts, the anger drains. And all I can do now is hope that he finds a better path.

59 thoughts on “Thief

  1. It is so frightening to suffer a violation like that. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. You must be a strong and special person to have found the courage to have dealt with the situation as you have. Good luck.

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    • It is scary. I’m still scared when I leave the house. But the support I have is amazing, and they’ve helped me so much. Without them I wouldn’t be this strong.
      Thank you for your caring and supportive words!


  2. It’s a huge testament to yourself that in the midst of the maelstrom, there’s a part of you that sees his darker shadow dogging him. I’m really sorry you had to go through that, I can only imagine the road to getting over it is a bumpy one.


  3. My parents went through this a few months back. The whole thing was so surreal, walking through their house with stuff missing and thrown about. I’m glad you’re okay, and have such wonderful support.


  4. Strangely, I felt an initial compulsion to write a piece of fiction inspired by this, from the point of view of a thief, trying to apologize for his deeds. But I couldn’t justify it, couldn’t make it right, seeing how it impacted you. I am so sorry for your losses, and hope they catch the culprit.


    • I’m glad my piece was able to inspire new ideas. And I thank you for your restraint. I know it’s not easy. Your concern is really heartwarming. I think it would actually be good for me to read and/or write something from his perspective. I’m not sure if I’m ready yet, but one day I will be and it will help me completely let it go. If you do end up writing one, please send me the link. I would love to read it!

      Thank you for your support =]. Cheers!


  5. It is difficult to get past such a violation. The negative emotions can linger for a long time. I find it best to channel my anger into a plan to reduce my risk without becoming obsessed with it. Those small adjustments give you back some of the control the thief stole from you. Otherwise, Willy and I are very thankful you weren’t harmed physically in the process.


    • I’m definitely trying to turn my anger around into something useful. It was hard at first, but it’s definitely getting there. Thank you so much for your support. I know that one day I’ll regain the confidence and security I used to have.


  6. It’s amazing how you can forgive someone after he’d violated you like that, and, he didn’t just take materials (replaceable things) from you, he’d taken something ELSE that’s MORE important, and you’re still forgiving toward him, you really have a huge heart there.


    • I feel like forgiving him helps me let go, and reduce the negativity that lingers within me. I don’t want those negative emotions to take over my life. I need to let it go, learn from this, and move on.

      Thank you so much for your support and caring words.


  7. Hey, great writing…and you have an awesomely forgiving attitude!

    Did you do your artwork using Chinese or Japanese ink…? It’s neat.


  8. I know the feeling as i have been in the same boat twice. So I move away from that town. Hope you will recover from this bad experience and love the painting you have done it is awesome like a Chinese painting.


    • I’m sorry to hear that! That must have been so tough, especially having to move away.

      Thank you for your support! And I’m glad you like the painting. I used a bit of a Chinese style with my brush strokes =].


      • Yea, it is tough and it take time to get use to the new place and people. I am lucky to live in a small village now where the neighbours look after one another.


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  11. Are you certain it was a “he” ? I have experienced “her” stealing from me more often. Although that is in more of an emotional sense 😛


  12. I like you have had this happen many years ago and felt the same type of reaction. Many of my losses were trinkets from family and friends, but they were treasured by me. I’m sorry you had to go through this too. The anger will pass but not the sense of loss of those cherished trinkets.


  13. A powerful piece of writing — the impact of the thief’s action is so clearly expressed. I love the fact that you realized that the thief’s actions came from the place of suffering.
    When you see with the eyes of compassion, healing begins. There are some ways to cleanse a space of the negative energy imprints left by such a violation. Denise Linn is one author who explains some of these methods. I send you healing and cleansing light.


  14. Reading this brought back to my remembrance when my home was broken into. I didn’t have an alarm because I felt safe. After that I had one installed and that night I accidentally set it off and almost gad a heart attack until I realized it was me. Thanks for sharing how you took a negative and turned it into a positive when you wanted the intruder to find a better life. Blessings.


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