The Scent of Books

A black vanilla ink upon musky pages. Suitable for all. A perfume to stimulate the heart and mind.

The initial scent of salty tears fades gracefully into whispers of a freshly healed heart. The dark odour of pain and sorrow is harmonized by the spice of anger that bursts from gleaming swords.

To soften it, wafts of sweet smiles and honeyed laughs.

And finally a top note of hope that soars with each page turn, released with a crinkling sigh.


38 thoughts on “The Scent of Books

  1. Every book reader can relate to this. We are the ones who still prefer hard bound books to digital ones. And you are not a real book lover if you haven’t sniffed a new book before starting to read it.

    Such a lovely post! Thank you for stopping by my blog for I would not have found this lovely post otherwise:)


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