11 thoughts on “Currently Writing To: I Carry You – Jamie Sieber

  1. I love this style of music. I went through some Music Therapy for awhile and this would have been perfect. You are right. LIstening to this on a rainy day or a sunny day is just right for this song. Thank you for sharing.. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Live Laugh Love and commented:
    I listened to this on ‘From my mind to your eyes’ Blog. Her message goes along with my theme of Living, Laughing and Loving.
    ‘Unique music, a gorgeous blend of styles. Calm, but emotional. I can never get enough. For rainy days by the fire, and sunny summers on the balcony.’
    Music can transend us emotionally any where we want to be. It can lift us from whereever we happen to be. Thank you for sharing with us…


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