The Phoenix

Gathering flames move sluggishly, heavy with heat. Larger, brighter, it expands in the hands of its creator, flaring under a coaxing breath. Guttural words, grunted into its flickering tips. Glimmering symbols imprinted within its dancing heart. Then it begins to grow. Outwards, hundreds of arms, hungry, reaching, pulling it upwards. Grumbles like the scraping of glass.

With a gentle push, it begins to fall. All the while it continues to expand, hungrier with every star it passes.

It approaches, and it knows that finally it can feed. Finally it can satisfy the hunger that ravages its very core.

Then a song, beautiful as the caress of raindrops. And pain. It screams. It writhes, striking wherever it can. So close. It is so close. Colours, lush with life that it longs to devour, are almost within reach.

But in its way, this small creature. Gold and red, eyes brilliant in their furious eternity. Talons, black as the sun’s shadows, and a beak, hooked, to reign the wandering flames. Wingbeats like storms drive them upwards.

It flees the discordant harmony, the pain and fury, until it reaches the safe embrace of its brethren. One day, they murmur, their gazes set upon seas of blue and green.


Based on the myth of the Phoenix.

25 thoughts on “The Phoenix

  1. Just excellent, Christine. If this was the beginning of a book, I would be hoping that it was the first in a trilogy so that I could savor the story over a longer period of time. Peace. ~ Michael


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