Photograph Me

   “Photograph me,” she said with a secret in her smile. So I did, to immortalize the moment.

   “Photograph me,” she insisted through tears and red eyes. Her face was blotchy, her lips turned down. So I did, because I thought that perhaps it would make her smile.

   “Photograph me,” she said with cold eyes and thin lips. A thin flush traced her cheeks as she looked down at me. So I did with the barest tremble to my hands.

   “Photograph me,” she said through coughs that seized her whole body. That drove blood from her lips, so dark in contrast to her pallid skin. Her hands, skeletal, gripped my shirt. So I did through tears that blurred the images until I could not see what it was I had taken.

   Photograph me, I remembered her words as I stared down at her lifeless features. Her words drowned out the sobbing that surrounded me. So I did. But only a cold detachment allowed me to raise my camera. Only bitterness allowed my finger to press down. And only longing kept the rolls and rolls of film hidden away in boxes, cobwebs like memories draped between the canisters.

47 thoughts on “Photograph Me

  1. This reminded me of my beloved aunt. I lost her 5 years ago and there are still some photos of her last days I keep hidden from myself. Never be hesitant to post, as long as you are honest and true to yourself. I am always looking forward to your stories.


  2. This is so beautifully written. As I read I remembered my grandmum and the stages she passed through before she finally passed away. I wish the photograph was taken by a camera and not just my mind.


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