Currently Writing To: The Secret – Adam Hurst

I love the cello. I think it has such a rich, deep, resonating sound unparalleled by any other instrument.

Adam Hurst has beautiful music. Melancholic and relaxing. Perfect for those sad scenes. For whimsical sighs and longing from deep within the heart.

7 thoughts on “Currently Writing To: The Secret – Adam Hurst

  1. I came to appreciate this instrument when I dated a second chair Cellist. Under-appreciated instrument IMHO. TY Christine. Peace. ~ Michael


  2. I also love the cello, it takes me to a happy place, it vibrates with the soul. I have not heard of Adam Hurst but will try and find other tracks. I have CD by Ketil Bjornstad and David Darling, called the river, for Cello and Piano , which you would probably enjoy.; it is on the ECM label, with the number 15925311702. Here is an extract, here the cello is subdued into the texture of the track Oh dear sorry I can’t seem to place a live link for you.
    Thanks for liking my poems.


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