It’s Worth it.

Christine Fichtner Seawall

Spring means gorgeous weather, which means I can finally spend time outside.

The Seawall is a gorgeous place to go jogging. There are two in Vancouver, one along each side of the inlet. I go to the one closer to my house, of course, and get this amazing view as a reward.

It’s nice to jog in areas full of fellow runners and casual walkers. The clear skies always bring forth smiles. The numerous adorable dogs help, too. One day I’ll have a dog to walk every morning. One day.

So though the whole time I’m jogging it hurts and I’m questioning why I decided to torture myself like this… all I have to do is look out to the ocean and realize just how worth it it is.

19 thoughts on “It’s Worth it.

  1. Really nice blog here, Christine. Vancouver is such a beautiful city, especially near the sea wall. I also love the tile wall from another page. Very cool. Thanks for stopping by Are you doing NaPoWriMo?


  2. There are benefits to walking and jogging that are myriad. It clears the mind, regulates the heart and pulse, tones every inch of your body- even the muscles in your feet- and makes you feel good without causing injury. The only exercise better for you is Yoga. I do both every morning, have for years and nothing will ever convince me to stop. Enjoy !


  3. Vancouver looks beautiful. Regarding your self punishment keep it up, I used to run as a teenager, kept it up through my twenties then kept walking when the kids were small, and now at 55 am back attending classes and love it. Keep it up.


  4. Christine, you’re just such a sensible, down to earth person and I love your writing! This post has inspired me to upgrade my walking (for knee pain, mostly) to trying to get back to my regular jogging. Thanks for liking my recent poem!


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