Earth’s Poetry

   Rain falls, Earth’s poetry. Creating bursts of brightness and colour beneath its rhythmic cadence. Life.

   It is, at times, disrupted by unruly winds that force it against the ground in pounding roars, building until it escalates beyond the gates of blood and bone.

   But eventually it settles. The darkness thins to a sighing wisp that, for now, can float free of the weight it once bore.


   April is National Poetry Month. I don’t write poetry, but I do love to read it. So here is a short tribute to its beauty.

30 thoughts on “Earth’s Poetry

  1. I think maybe you’re not giving yourself enough credit. Poetry lives in the way we look at our worlds, and you have captured the earth’s weather and the soul’s weather very beautifully here!


  2. Very evocative. I particularly like the phrase “escalates beyond the gates of blood and bone.” Shows the very immediate link between the human being and the forces “outside” 🙂


  3. What to comment
    Which has not already been said
    Yet comment I must
    These words apply to this blog,
    Not just this thread

    For to feel the feelings freely brimming over the edge of my brain, pushed onward and up by the weight of your words brings me such a feeling of hope and goodwill that if I let my appreciation and thanks simmer above my keyboard and not flow through the interwebs to find their rightful place before your eyes and too-humble spirit I fear a part of me would be lost on my own inabiltiy to properly carry your inspirations forward into the immediate surroundings that make up my world; for the messenger’s message is only half present if the origin is not properly identified. From thought to thought.

    Just a super weird/kinda creative (…creepy…?) way of saying sweet blog! I enjoy reading it.


  4. What a lyric masterpiece. Every line brings rich imagery, and remains so condensed and controlled. Reading this aloud, one senses that this poem is perfectly at home behind a microphone as well as upon the page. Thank you for writing this.


  5. Christine, I think you do yourself a disservice. This, among other ‘prose/poetry/creative’ offerings I have read here is pure poetry breathed out and experienced. It speaks heart-to-heart as all good poetry should. Thank you for your lovely creative work, for ‘liking’ my post and following my blog. I am honoured to do likewise. Happy writing! God bless you. 🙂 x


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