Currently Writing To: Deep Channel – Afro Celts

On Saturday I got absolutely nothing done. But I suppose everyone needs a rest day now and then.

On Sunday I wrote like a woman possessed. All the while blasting Afro Celt Sound System. Such flawless progress with beats and bass that vibrate to the bones.

10 thoughts on “Currently Writing To: Deep Channel – Afro Celts

  1. Funny, I have found that I can only write in 1) total silence 2) with music as ambient noise in the other room 3)with music in a coffee house that isn’t even to my picking. I get distracted if music is coming out out my laptop directly and I’m trying to write with it!


    • I love having music right in my ears when I write, whether from speakers or headphones. It helps me block out other noises and distractions, and it gives me energy. But I guess I’ve grown up always having music playing somewhere in the house, so it’s normal for me? A little different for everyone though :D.


      • Such a funny thing. And yes, diff strokes! I actually tried out Coffitivity. Hilarious that it even exists. And nope–didn’t help!


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