Is He Well?

“Oh, you were his classmate, weren’t you? I remember seeing your photo in the yearbook. You really stood out.” She gestured for the woman to sit.

The lady chose the seat fully illuminated by the sun. She sat straight with the might and strength of the ancient forests. The brown and green of her eyes drank in the light even as she refused the offer of coffee.

“I remember my son talked of you at times,” her smile held memories. “I suppose it is because of that that I knew he had not truly been abandoned.” Her cup clinked as it met the plate in front of her. “I was offended at first. Did she not trust me?” She chuckled away her watery eyes. “Then I was jealous, because he was my son and who was she to interfere.” Her gaze wandered to the trees across the street from the small cafe. “But in the end I came to realize that so long as he had people there for him, I would be happy.”

Her hands played with the napkin. She was silent for a while. “Is he… is he happy? Is he well?”

The woman reached over and placed a hand upon her own, calming the gentle trembles. The hand felt as smooth as a tree’s bark and her hair reflected forests. The sun shone from the woman’s smile.

She closed her eyes for a moment. And when she opened them, she was alone but for the wind’s whispering words and the cheerful laughter of leaves.


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