Every day my face is burdened with lenses upon my nose. They’re small. Too small. But heavy. I can see the borders that separate clarity from haze. Dark, angry limits. All around the edges, my vision wavers, uncertain. Thus I walk past, never seeing, never thinking to turn my head and look.

I hate them.

No, that is not true. I do not hate them. I hate needing them.

In fact, I love them. Because with them, I can see. Not everything, but enough. Sometimes they show me the wrong things. Things I shouldn’t see, or don’t want to see. Sometimes I see darkness clawing its way out of blood-red lips. Black tar slugging past gleaming teeth and porcelain skin.

But ultimately, they are a blessing. Because they show me the wonders of the blue sky and the butterfly’s struggle and the ocean’s rage. Beauty that even the mind cannot fathom. Because with them, I can see you.

22 thoughts on “Lenses

  1. This is lovely! And how universal and humorous. I’ve had sight issues since the 3rd grade. (Grrr) And the annoyances with going from glasses to contacts and vice versa is a daily tribulation. The “dark, angry limits” are diff for each…..:)


  2. I’ve got some too. I am blind in one eye, so the other continues to struggle to keep up. I get more blind every day. I am attached to them – emotionally even.

    Thanks for another like, hope you read about Margaret too – she is important! You being a teacher, I would certainly ❤ some critical feedback. If you can spare a moment. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!


  3. oh well, I too am one of those that needs help to see. With me that happened rapidly at about 30 years. Now need ’em if I want to see the world in sharp detail. My problem is the damage I do by jamming my camera’s viewfinder against the right lens.


  4. Every tried contacts? 😀
    I’m kidding, great prose! I’ve had glasses for so long that they’ve become a part of me, really. I couldn’t imagine not having them, to be honest. I don’t think I’d give them up, even if laser eye surgery could fix my eyes.


  5. I feel your pain; I also wear the dreaded glasses. And like you, the hassle of contact lenses were not worth the effort. Guess I’ll forever be known as “four-eyes”. (In case you don’t know, that was what other kids called kids like me when I was in school.)


    • Yeah, contacts are a pain (literally). I was lucky enough to escape the four-eyes teasing, as I only started wearing my glasses full-time in high school. Now I try and go for glasses that are fashion statements :D.


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