Her Child II

She hummed softly as she walked, her bare feet exciting the leaves that otherwise lay dormant on the ground. She trailed her hand along the rough trunks of the trees that she passed. So densely they grew that she had barely to step before she reached the next one.

Her eyes focused unerringly on the edge of the forest. Not even the howl of hungry wild beasts could break her path. She stared so wistfully into the distance, and into the past. Sometimes her hand would reach out towards a nothing that any one else could see. Always in her hair she tucked a fresh peony. They bloomed under her tender hands, no matter the season.

Her children had long since learned to leave her alone when she fell into these moods. Angered at having been interrupted too many times, she had once turned them into thin saplings that shivered in the cold and reached in vain for even a little sunlight to give them the energy they so desired.

She loved her children dearly. Upon each one she had bestowed a token of her love. And so they flourished deep within the shadowy protection of the forever aging trees.

But there was one… one who could not yet be with them. One who was caught within the webs of the humans. One she had put there herself.

She felt her heart clench every time she remembered the magic that swept over his features. That changed him. That allowed him to be taken from his home. That dulled his eyes until they resembled the melancholic clouds of clouds that heralded furious storms.

But he needed the guidance of the sun. The energy and warmth that would help him grow strong, so that one day he could join them and be once again with his family.

Her humming grew stronger and as she drew closer, she saw his figure rise tall and turn towards her. Her feet whispered forward and her hair glittered with promises. Soon.


Another in the Changeling Child Series

Her Child
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