She hovered between sleep and waking for a few moments, her mind still dancing with colours and bizarre images between her slow blinks. They dissipate, though, when her eyes finally open fully. And even if she tried, she could not remember what they were. Only shivers and an odd feeling of displacement testified to their strangeness.

Now her eyes were half lidded, taking in the edge of her pillow and the wall. The sun was trying valiantly to illuminate her room, but the blinds guarded the darkness firmly, allowing only the odd line to creep through their shields.

She curled tighter, adjusting the blanket around her shoulders. The air dusted like snowflakes across her cheeks and she sighed, blinking languidly again.

There seemed to be no way to leave the blanket’s warm embrace for the morning’s crisp bite. No, she reached out to press her alarm. Her skin prickled and she quickly withdrew the limb back into the safety of her blanket. Not yet. Perhaps in a few minutes.

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