NaNoWriMo excerpt II

Day 17 and I’m still going strong! I just passed the 30 000 word mark. A little bit ahead, and speeding up. Now that much of the setup has been done, things are definitely picking up. Action galore to come. I think. If things go as planned, which they sort of have so far. Ish.

Another taste of what’s happening. once again, unedited.

“You surely remember that I do not fear for my life.” She tittered.

“No, what you fear is much worse than death,” he acknowledged. “I can give you that.”

Her teasing demeanor disappeared. “I will fight you till you are forced to rip the flesh from my bones,” she said. “You will regret starting this battle.” Her knuckles whitened.

“Time has weakened you greatly. You are a mere shade of what you were before. You… are not even whole anymore.” He shook his head. “How can you live like this?” His voice was a mere whisper at the end.

“I do as I must,” she replied stiffly.

“For so many centuries…” He seemed almost sympathetic as he spoke.

“Has it been that long? I have lost track,” she said flippantly.

“You are so confident,” his eyes narrowed, “and yet you are at a great disadvantage. No matter where you go now, I will be able to find you.”

She laughed. “I’m not hiding,” she said. “Not from you, at least. What you do to me pales in comparison to what happens if we fail.”

“Fail what?” He spoke sharply, eyes intent on her face.

“Oh, do stop staring, Saryus, you’re making me blush,” she flipped the fan open in front of her face.

He growled. “Do not evade my questions. You forget your place.”

“Do forgive me then, your Majesty,” she drawled, sketching a mocking bow.

Saryus snarled and leapt forward. The air in front of his fingers seemed to thicken, and rippling into claws that extended towards her. She jumped backwards, metallic sounds echoing through the alley as she fought him off.

“It would be wise,” he said as he aimed a kick to her head, “to surrender yourself and face justice.”

She ducked and slacked the sharp edge of her fan towards the hand that struck next. “You wouldn’t be satisfied,” she panted, “just with me now, would you?”

“If you have done nothing wrong,” he hissed as his skin split from the bladed edge. “Then you should not fear judgement.”

She grunted as claws ripped into her thigh muscle. She staggered backwards, barely evading his attacks now. Another caught her on the shoulder, and it was only a quick spin that saved her neck from the same fate.

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