There’s nothing quite like it, that sense of entirety. No way to properly describe such a feeling. That with the wave of one person’s hands, everyone unifies. Respecting boundaries and limits, and yet going so far beyond what they have ever done before.

Breaths are taken, arms readied for action, relaxed, anticipating.

Then with a downward stroke of hands, sound explodes from the stage. Lips tremble, and fingers and eyes follow the dance of music.

In unison they rise and fall and twirl around each other in a swirl of harmonies. Melodies bow politely and then intertwine, rising with languid steps, dancing alongside the graceful sweeps and sharp points of the conductor’s hands.

The air shivers. Saturated, it whirls outwards. It reaches for anyone, anything, willing to share the journey. And they’re waiting patiently with open arms to embrace the sounds singing through the air.

Pages of black and white spin and flip, releasing joy from its lined constraints. Sound leaps, creating images, picturesque and devastating. Glorious armies that march forth, and the mourning wail of one who has lost.

And the audience feels the victory and the pain. Sighs meander as they hear a lover’s woes. They spread their fiery wings in wrath and then they dance in renewing green of spring.

When finally the last note has left the air to lodge itself forever in the hearts of the audience, they all rise, wordless in their communication.


I really do miss playing in an orchestra.
Also included a small reference to one of my favourite pieces.

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