Her Constant Companion

It sludged, black, from behind. Unseen until she felt the cold press at the back of her neck. She stiffened, eyes widening, lips pursed in denial.

Go away.

But it didn’t. Instead it loomed, reaching. Dark trails curling around her mind.

Her breath quickened, her throat tightened. She made a small sound, a hedgehog crying out into the darkness.

Her hands trembled. A young sapling standing up to the howling winds. There was little she could do as it raged within her thoughts, drawing up everything she had tried to forget.

Her head jerked to the side as she felt a tear escape. Her hand reached up to cover her eyes, as if it could block out the sight of things that now only remained within her mind.

Let me go.

But it refused to leave, bringing up memories she never wished to revisit.

She was used to it by now, though, this darkness that always lurked, always waiting. And as tears warmed her hands, she thought with resignation that it was perhaps her only constant companion.

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