Running Water

Small rivulets splashed eagerly down the trail, gliding around rocks and over logs. Droplets went flying as small, translucent bodies swept the water along. They slipped alongside the small streams, giggling around pebbles.

Their eyes glittered as they swept past me. One patted my leg in encouragement as she passed by. Another peered through the threads of my shoes. My toes shivered and she leapt back with a tinkle, leaving behind a damp imprint.

Cool hands smoothed my cheeks as my breath made clouds. White teeth sparkled and wings fluttered, brushing through my hair as they went. Incorporeal walls of minuscule bodies dove towards me and around. A misty trail lingered as they soared away.

The residual droplets created a ripple of shivers that spread across my body. My teeth clack their protest, and I surged onwards, eager for the fiery comfort of the lodge.

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