For that Forever

His hooves connected with the earth through powerful vibrations that ran up his legs and down to the roots of the lush grass. The thudding of his steps made the plants tremble with the same intensity as his muscles. Small clumps of dirt flew up alongside his tail, a salute. His lungs heaved, his breath the wind’s child.

Overhead, the sun sang to the cyan sky, and small white clouds like confetti scattered.  Somewhere above, a bird chirped and stomped its wings in a powerful downwards motion, lifting it up even higher.

He snorted and shook his head as his hooves dove towards the earth. His tail waved its tempo, and his whinny accompanied in an descending peal.

Ahead he could see the hill crest. The rhythm increased, incensed, a frenzy. Then his muscles bunched, tensed, released. There was short dramatic pause that lasted the forever of a moment. And during those seconds, he was utterly free.

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