My Students, A Study, Part II

You’re bubbly and round. Roly Poly. Your neck likes to hide in the collared shirts you wear.

Your hair circles downwards, an upside down bowl on your head.

You think yourself a riot, and giggle yourself into hiccups. A cheerful boy with rosy cheeks. Eyes that are sparkling with excitement every day.

You are spoiled by your parents, and you always have to be the best, but nonetheless you are a good friend.

Your laugh is the purest I have ever heard. It contains undiluted joy. Such a sound clears the mind of all weight.

And then there’s that mischievous look you get when you want to be tickled. You begin to giggle before it even starts. You’ll giggle at the mere prospect of it.

And it brings such a smile to my face to see you do so. I hope you are always able to feel such joy so easily.

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