Why is Taekwondo so awesome?

So I went to this Taekwondo demonstration that blew my mind. It was a great reminder of why I love this martial art so much.

She's actually a celebrity actress

She’s actually a celebrity actress

It’s not the first demo that I’ve watched, having seen others on video and youtube, but it’s the first live demo in Korea that I’ve seen. And it was amazing.

The discipline, control, and coordination was mind blowing. The precision, the skill, and the creativity too. They mixed a lot of hiphop in the TaekwonDance. Made for a very entertaining show.

They also did a number that commented on school bullying and violence. It was really well done.

One guy sang (really well) while kicking, spinning, jumping, and flipping. And he wore a sparkly uniform too. How awesome is that?

This demo made me both jealous and determined at the same time.

I have participated in demonstrations before, but nothing of this calibre. Demo teams in Canada pale in comparison to the ones here.

If you ever have the chance to watch a Taekwondo demonstration in Korea, definitely do it.

I may never participate in something so amazing, but I can train as if I will.

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