I love ajummas

I think ajummas can be some of the most caring people ever.

There are exceptions, of course, but the ones I have met have been so nice.

The janitor of the building at which I work is a real sweetheart. She doesn’t speak any English, but always says hi and starts a conversation with me in Korean. I’m quite sure I’ve told her some really strange answers (she often laughs when I answer…), but I do my best to follow her questions. She also always expresses concern when my collarbone and neck are exposed to the cold air. It’s adorable.

The school cook is another sweet lady. Her food is not as good as the previous cook, but she’s still really nice, so I always compliment her cooking anyway. She always praises my outfits, and also worries that I’ll be too cold if I’m not wearing a thick sweater in the winter. She also sometimes gives me leftovers if she can tell that I enjoyed the food. That’s a major bonus.

My friend’s mom bought me flowers the first time we met, and took us for really good 삼겹살.

My friend often receives vast amounts of kimchi from her friends’ moms.

Honestly, some of the most caring people I’ve met.

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