Things that locals can do but foreigners can’t

It’s not weird when Koreans stare. It doesn’t bother me.

Koreans stare because we’re foreigners. The same thing happens in other countries, too. Local people stare.

But why do some foreigners stare?

There’s no friendly smile and nod, or greeting wave. That would be fine. A common sense of foreign-ness draws people together.

And it’s not just a slightly elongated glance, either. It’s a full on turn-the-upper-half-of-my-body-so-that-I-don’t-strain-my-neck stare.

What’s up with that?

12 thoughts on “Things that locals can do but foreigners can’t

  1. Being a Korean that has lived abroad in other countries for most of my life, I too don’t like it when people stare, but I think it’s because even though Korea is becoming more and more international people just aren’t used to foreigners. Koreans stare at everything haha whether it be at a Korean couple fighting on the street or at people eating in a restaurant. Haha I’d recommend simply just staring back at them and screaming BOO!


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