Actually, walls have eyes and feelings too

The walls inched away nervously as the dragon opened his mouth to yawn. They were well used to his habits now, and knew to expect the uncomfortably hot flames that cannoned from his mouth.

But that didn’t mean they had to like it.

In fact, from time to time, they got so fed up that they’d shake for a while in rage, throwing rocks and shifting angrily, trying to drive out the dragon.

Most of them bore telltale signs of abuse from the intruder. Sections had been partially melted, there were numerous unnatural grooves, and running stone had hardened partway down, looking rather like an unfortunate accident. How embarrassing.

The walls knew that it could have been worse. The dragon that had taken up residence within their tunnels was inconsiderate, of that there was no doubt, but he wasn’t cruel. When he raged, he generally did it upwards, and the walls weren’t particularly worried about the ceiling. It was much higher up, and was always grumbling anyway. It got boring listening to it complaining all day. When the dragon got angry, the walls bounced his roars upwards, and the ceiling got the worst of it.

Occasionally the ceiling would pelt stones at the dragon in vengeance and with no small amount of frustration, but it was all in vain. The giant lizard was not about to leave the crystals that seduced with flirty winks.

Really, dragons were such thieves.

The walls had created and guarded the treasure for so long, and then he came along and claimed it for his own. He fancied himself a fearsome guardian, but the walls knew better. Without them surrounding the crystals, the dragon would have a hard time keeping it for himself.

The walls were much wiser than the young, foolish dragon. They were always awake, always watching. They knew of the humans that got lost in their winding halls, doomed from the start in the sinuous caverns. The fools. Did they think they could win against age old stone? A rockfall here, a sudden cliff there, and they were no longer a threat.

The walls were there to stay. One day the dragon would grow old and die, leaving behind the treasure. But the walls would still be there, long after bones turned to dust.

And then humans invented dynamite. Boom!

Actually didn’t intend to write it from this point of view, but it just turned out this way. And it ended up amusing me too much to change it.

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